• The end of capitalism is (or should be) nigh

    The end of capitalism is (or should be) nigh

    A comprehensive guide to addressing the flaws of contemporary capitalism and its relationship to climate change. Is it possible to be…practically hopeful for our future? If so, then Kit Webster’s work here sums up what that might look like. As we move into the third decade of the millennium, we have begun to see the ramifications…

  • Book Review: The stinging reality of Black Buck

    Book Review: The stinging reality of Black Buck

    In this contemporary moment, “Black Buck” has now come to mean a person of color who stands as a leader of revolutionary defiance against the white American will.

  • “Reader, I married…my book.”

    “Reader, I married…my book.”

    On reading Praying with Jane Eyre as a sacred text. Dearest reader, Have you ever read or owned a book—or series—that, when the weather hits just right, or the anniversary of when this book first meant something more to you looms near, you pick up for the hundredth time in its lifespan on your shelf…

  • Book Review Roundup: Summer Edition (July-August)

    Hi again! As promised, here’s part two of my summer book review roundup. This group includes a wider range of genres and topics that I didn’t get to cover last time, from realist fiction to personal essay; lyric essay to fictional satire; and from travel writing to immigrant narratives. I’m curious to hear which ones…

  • Book Review Roundup: Post-Grad Edition (May-June)

    It’s been a minute. What happened? I graduated from grad school, finished writing my thesis (a whole BOOK!), and published my last issue with a literary journal that I love very much. Now, I’m taking a break to focus on my one true love (hint: it’s reading). Below is another short roundup of books I…

  • Book Review – Brown Album by Porochista Khakpour

    Book Review – Brown Album by Porochista Khakpour

    What You Are: Identity and Essay as Ownership in Porochista Khakpour’s Brown Album

  • Why I Write (or, Why I Can’t Speak)

    That sensation of not knowing what you’re writing towards, yet learning the answer that completes the half-formed sentence with just as much immediacy is a thrill that I’ve come to embrace with reluctant passion over time. It is why I contradict myself on a daily basis. I both am and am not writing.

  • Adrift for a Moment: A Proletarian Reading of The Decameron Project

    Adrift for a Moment: A Proletarian Reading of The Decameron Project

    This concise rebranding of the short story form has done something critically restorative for our shifting society: it has made the realm of narrative fiction a privilege affordable for all.

  • Goodreads Review Roundup

    I have quite a few short reviews from my Goodreads account that I figured might be a good place to begin sharing my taste with those interested in reading these reviews. Below, you’ll find key stats such as which edition I read from (sometimes I buy the UK version if I like their book design…

  • The New Year’s Wish

    The New Year’s Wish

    You close out the year you visited your family and buried your grandmother by spending New Year’s Eve with them all in Iloilo. You walk with your cousins through the streets of Calaparan in single file at night, hugging the road’s shoulder. The sun set hours ago, yet the heat from the day leaves a…

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