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  • Book Review: Shadow Chaser by Angela Armstrong

    Book Review: Shadow Chaser by Angela Armstrong

    Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Shadow Chaser is a coming-of-age novel about a young girl named Faye Moana Delaney who lives with her parents, Tai and Abbey*. Not in a single home, though. To set the record straight, from page one, Faye explains that…

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  • Book Review: The dying breed of the cycling courier

    Book Review: The dying breed of the cycling courier

    “You’ve Got the Gig!” shares what life really looks like when you push your body to the limits to survive in the gig economy. You’ve Got the Gig!: 100,000 Miles as a Cycle courier in the Gig Economy chronicles the span of Ryan Murphy’s tenure as a cycling courier for Deliveroo in England. His origin story…

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  • Goodreads Review Roundup

    I have quite a few short reviews from my Goodreads account that I figured might be a good place to begin sharing my taste with those interested in reading these reviews. Below, you’ll find key stats such as which edition I read from (sometimes I buy the UK version if I like their book design…

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  • The New Year’s Wish

    The New Year’s Wish

    You close out the year you visited your family and buried your grandmother by spending New Year’s Eve with them all in Iloilo. You walk with your cousins through the streets of Calaparan in single file at night, hugging the road’s shoulder. The sun set hours ago, yet the heat from the day leaves a…

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